I'm a software engineer at IBM, where I work in the CIO lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  It's a small team focused on developing innovative web applications to the IBM intranet.  I previously worked on Lotus Connections (a set of enterprise social web apps) where I developed Activities and Forums.

Before moving to Massachusetts, I went to school at Virginia Tech where I studied Computer Science and Math.  While working on my master's degree, I researched computer vision and wrote a dissertation titled "Generating Orthogonal Projections from Sparse Camera Arrays."  I also laid the baseline for my future work in web apps by developing a very simple PHP content management system for a student organization I was involved with, Intervarsity.

If I'm not at work, there's a good chance I'm in the kitchen.  I love to cook, both at home and as part of the food ministry at Highrock Church.  I enjoy the challenges of running a commercial-style kitchen and cooking for 100-200 people, if only once a month.  I also keep myself plenty busy with projects around the house.